Johnson Lodge #441

About Us

 2011 Officers


Master                 Bryant Tallant

Sr. Warden         Daniel Jeske

Jr. Warden         Tyson Adams

Treasurer            Darrel Ruth

Secretary             Vernon Butt

Chaplain             Jon Shoemaker

Sr. Deacon         Tyce McMillan 

 Jr. Deacon          Lowell Jones

Sr. Steward         Gerald Clary

Jr. Steward         Jerry Hurlburt

Tyler                     Greg Garrison

The Charter of Johnson Lodge #441 was granted February 26, 1925.

Presiding officers were:

Clarence Stewart - Master

Alfred Smith - Senior Warden

William Hoover - Junior Warden

Signed by:

M:.W:. Charles Loucks G:.M:.

John Neilson D:.G:.M:.

Charles Fowler G:.S:.W:.

Ferris Hill G:.J:.W:.

Albert Wilson G:.Secretary

History of Johnson Lodge #441 A.F.&A.M.


The first meeting of the Lodge under dispensation was held in the North upstairs room of the old Johnson Grade School building on May 7,1924. The dispensation was signed by M:.W:.Elmer F. Strain, G.M., and was read by R:.W:.Harvey O. Davis. Names appearing on the letters of dispensation were as follows:

  • Clarence J. Stewart        Coolidge Lodge #316
  • Alfred L. Smith                Syracuse Lodge #309
  • William F. Hoover          Syracuse Lodge #309
  • John B. Cockrum            Coolidge Lodge #316
  • James H. Berry                Syracuse Lodge #309 
  • Geralt C. Milsap                 Syracuse Lodge #309
  • William D. Dunbar         Coolidge Lodge #316
  • John V. Cockrum            Coolidge Lodge #316
  • Archie B. Cave                  Syracuse Lodge #309
  • Charles Heinlen              Coolidge Lodge #316
  • Lewis B. Baker                 Coolidge Lodge #316

The petitioners were recommended by Ulysses Lodge #435 to be Master Masons in good standing. The dispensation was to continue in force until December 31, 1924.

The following names were added to the letters of dispensation before the charter was granted.

  • Sidney W. Carter  Syracuse Lodge #309
  • Ray J. Shetlar        MiseltoeLodge #269 Conway Springs
  • Barton Wherritt   Higgins Lodge #820 Higgins, TX

The metting was opened on the Third Degree with the following officers:

  • Master            Clarence J. Stewart
  • Sr. Warden    Alfred L. Smith
  • Jr. Warden    William F. Hoover
  • Treasurer        J.B. Cockrum
  • Secretary        James H. Berry
  • Sr. Deacon     Gerralt C. Millsap
  • Jr. Deacon     William D. Dunbar
  • Sr. Steward    John V. Cockrum
  • Jr. Steward    Archie B. Cave
  • Tyler                Charles Heinlen

Fees were set at $45.00 with $20.00 to accompany the petition, $15.00 at the First Degree, $5.00 at the Second Degree and $5.00 at the Third Degree. Meetings were to be held on the Second and Fourth Saturdays of each month.

Two petitions were received at the first meeting, those of Virgil C. Stewart and Orin H. Norton. Receipts for the Lodge were $40.00 with the two petitions and a note for $200.00 to the Johnson State Bank.

One other petition, that of Earl E. Dean was received under the dispensation, and all three of the above petitioners were initiated, passed and raised before the Charter was granted.


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